Board & Coaches

Robbie Boucher

Placer Foothills Composite Head Coach

Tom Toy

Placer Foothills Composite Vice President

Eric Boucher

Training and Coach Coordinator

Jeremy Yergler

Middle School Director

Jared Sellers

Middle School Coach and Team Director

Jared is a father, teacher (Special Ed. teacher and Adapted PE Specialist in Auburn, CA) MTB Coach that loves travel, surf, alpine sports and all things biking- from adventure rides/bikepacking, trail, xc , enduro and DH. Has been riding bikes off and on since childhood. Jared has competed in many sports and worked as a Fitness professional, personal trainer, Coach and Sports/Conditioning specialist for multiple sports from young children to college, even trained professional athletes. Founder of

Adrianne Garcia


Pam Wilson

Treasurer/Ride Leader

Chris Marovich

Fundraiser and Sponsorship Co-Chair

April Barber

Fundraiser and Sponsorship Co-Chair

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