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The mission of the Placer Foothills HS Community is to provide a fun, safe, and friendly team environment to help student athletes achieve both competitive and non-competitive goals by riding and racing mountain bikes. Through hanging out, trail rides, training and competition, we aim to promote individual growth, fellowship within the team, and rapport within the biking community. We aspire to create a lifelong love of mountain biking and a healthy, active lifestyle.


Anybody with a strong desire and commitment to ride mountain bikes can join the Placer Foothills mountain bike development program. Whether you are new to biking or have prior experience, there is room on the team for you! Our Coaches will teach you everything you need to know.  As members of the team, we love spending 5 to 10 hours a week riding our bikes all over the Placer Foothills area and exploring some of the best MTB trails in the state. We enjoy sharing this experience and developing lasting friendships with other riders on the team. We like to push the boundaries of our physical and mental endurance and skill set.  We set training objectives and work hard over the season to achieve these goals.

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Who is eligible to race with us?

Our racers come from a variety of high schools (public, private and home schools). Currently we support Colfax HS, Del Oro, HS, Placer HS and Rocklin HS along with our Composite HS team.  If your school doesn’t have a team and you live Placer County, you’re welcome to come ride and race with us!

The Placer Foothills Mountain Bike Club is a co-ed school based club cycling development program for  High School students.  The program is open to all students at Del Oro HS, Rocklin HS, Placer HS, Colfax HS and the greater southern Placer County area including Lincoln and Forresthill (Placer Foothills Composite Team). The team is part of the NorCal High School Cycling League (NorCal) and National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). The NorCal league encompasses about 40 different middle/high-school teams and over 1,200 student athletes across Northern California. The NorCal league organizes 4-5 race weekend events where all the teams meet to compete against each other in a festive and communal environment.

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