It takes a community

Parents are what makes it work

Our team is run by a peloton of parent volunteers, and we depend on the active involvement of parents to make our amazing rides and race weekends happen. At least one parent is expected to attend races with their rider, and pitch in to help during race day.

Without you, the parent volunteer, the team activities and races will not happen. In return, we provide an incredible opportunity for you to spend quality time and share activities with your student athlete.


Race volunteers

At each race we set up a team pit where we provide food, bike racks, warm-up trainers, recovery drinks, shade, seating and technical mechanical assistance throughout the entire day. This is a group effort that requires major help from parents to keep our team healthy, prepared and race ready.

New to the team? No problem! We will take you under our wing and show you the ropes of how the volunteer efforts are organized. More than a decade of planning, hard work, wisdom and practice has gone into figuring out how to run the team pit with volunteer labor, so your time and effort is in good hands. Look for sign-ups the week preceding each race weekend.

Ride leaders

Without ride leaders, we can’t provide a safe ratio of athletes to coaches for our rides. We depend on parents with mountain biking experience to help us run our program by volunteering to lead rides and becoming NICA-certified coaches. It’s an incredible and rewarding experience to see your investment in the athletes pay off as they forge relationships, build confidence, and build a lifelong love of the outdoors.

You can make a huge difference. If you’re interested in becoming a ride leader, let the team head coach know or email us. We’ll get you set up and riding in no time!

Lend a hand

Involvement with the Club is one of the most fulfilling parts of this sport for any family. Parent involvement is expected. There are many opportunities to get involved with the team on multiple levels beyond race day volunteering and leading rides. Parents can lend their time, enthusiasm, and expertise by:

  • Joining the board, assisting in making decisions and running the team
  • Cheering the team on from the start, finish and on the course during races
  • Providing assistance with your talents that may include videography, photography, team party planning, meal planning, team graphics and artwork and more!

Board meetings

Interested in attending board meetings? We meet once a month and all parents are welcome to attend. Email us if you’re interested!

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